For start-ups that want something much more than the average.

For established brands that need a safe pair of hands, without sacrificing that creative edge.

For any business that wants to go from bland to banging, through copy that converts, sells, and frankly, rocks.



Specifically, it needs a...

rockstar copywriter

(and that means you do too)


So how does 

this all work?


Whether your business is still a twinkle in your eye or celebrating its centenary, our copywriting approach puts the focus on your customer. We want to understand who buys from you today, who you want to buy from you tomorrow and where your yesterday is at.

Maybe we'll talk about what TV channel your customer is. Or whether your target market thinks The 4 Hour Work Week is a sacred text or a load of old pony. Whether they’re a fridge or cupboard ketchup storer.

We’ll use all these tricks and more to get to the heart of who you’re selling to, then provide you with the exact combination of words that are going to make that sale.


Rockstar Copy was started by Susi Weaser, ex-technology journalist for the likes of the The Guardian, GQ and the BBC. It's now a collective of rockstar copywriters, which means that you get the very best copywriter for your particular project. So whether you need someone that has experience in writing product descriptions that convert or award entries that win, this is where you'll find them.


So who is Rockstar Copy?