Good copywriting isn't about being able to write in just one voice, but about knowing what linguistic tricks to employ where and when.  Below, you'll find a selection of recent work - everything from ecommerce product descriptions to SaaS ebook examples.

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Rockstar Copy provided the copy for Samsung's MyGalaxy platform for over four years -  from providing the upcoming quarter's feature ideas to researching and writing the final copy. The brief was to find a technology angle on everything from opera to travel, and to maintain a tone of voice that appealed to the Galaxy user. These articles were then made available on every Samsung Galaxy handset in the UK.

Check out an example of the content here.

Impact investing

Cooler Future is on a mission to make it easy for people like you and I to invest in companies tackling their climate footprint.

From drafting brand new website copy to "Everything you ever wanted to know about investing but were afraid to ask"-style blog posts, it was an exciting challenge to play a small role in changing the world for the better.

Check out an example of that world changing content here and here. 



When Wirex, the cryptocurrency wallet company, rebranded they needed to increase the capacity of their creative team, to deal with the workload while maintaining their regular output. We worked with them in-house for three months to provide website copy, in-app screens for the newly designed app and assorted other content.

  • Website rewrite
  • Blog posts
  • In-app screens and push messages
  • Email funnel campaigns
  • Video scripts


Working with Octopus Energy has meant writing (winning!) award entries one week, and email marketing campaigns the next. As a company that is doing great work around sustainable energy, as well as offering a genuinely great service, it's a pleasure to write copy when there is so much good stuff to share.

Interiors & Design

Rebel Walls make wallpaper with a difference - each design is a talking point, and there are no boring walls to be found here. The new collection was a set of photograph from around the world, of objects or buildings in various stages of decay or abandonment. The brief was to weave a consistent narrative through the collection, name each of the designs and come up with an inventive description for each - a dream copywriting brief!

  • All Collection copy, including product names and descriptions
  • Press release

Read about (and fall in love with!)  the whole Curious Collection here.


Nosto's award winning software allows ecommerce retailers to deliver personalized shopping experiences for their customers, via on-site recommendations and tailored Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. As well as contributing to Nosto's blog, Rockstar Copy has written several ebooks for them. Each is packed full of real-life examples and actionable advice for mid to large ecommerce retailers wanting to grow their business.

Check out the Ecommerce Holiday Handbook here.


Cherrybox is a start-up aiming to answer a real need in the design community - somewhere that graphic designers, videographers and photographers can find and apply for jobs of all types, and be assured that they're being offered equitable payment terms.

We were tasked with creating the copy on a landing page explaining the proposition and convincing interested prospects to sign up.  It was great to work with someone at the beginning of their start-up journey, discussing the problem and the solution, and working on how best to articulate that to users.

Read the copy here.


Fashion & Beauty

Butchers Salon wanted their website to reflect their growth as a salon. What started as a quirky business venture had grown into something a little more grown-up and sophisticated. The brief was to encapsulate that throughout the website, as well as tidy up the CMS and put an SEO strategy in place.

The result has been an enormous increase in salon enquiries, as the site is now appearing on the first page of Google for their keyword: Hackney hairdressers.

  • Brand repositioning
  • Website copy
  • SEO strategy



dTOOR has created a 'non-rectangular phone for non-rectangular people'. Whilst the tagline was there (and great!) the communications hadn't fully explained why this phone was different, and why it was so much more than "a phone for women".

Working closely with the founders, we rewrote the site copy to reflect how they wanted to position themselves. We then used this information to crystallise the overall tone of voice of the brand, creating a document that they can now use in briefing future employees. Finally, we created blog content for the site, to further position the client as an exciting new technology brand.

Read the About page here.



Death to Flowers was the built from scratch by the very same people behind Rockstar Copy. It sold pre-packed gift boxes, as an alternative to sending flowers (click here to see a search for 'alternative to sending flowers' and see why you can be confident in our SEO capabilities).  From the idea, to launch, to that bit that no one tells you about after launch where you have to find a way of continuing the momentum you've built up during the launch, it was an unrivalled opportunity to understand the inner workings of a start-up business, including:

  • Product idea and brand creation
  • Keyword research
  • Site copy, including homepage and landing pages
  • PR launches
  • Email newsletters
  • Facebook advertising campaign based on retargeting and similar audiences
  • Social media and content marketing 

Visit the site.


The Cubbie Lee Toy Company specialises in high quality wooden toys for kids under 5 years old.  As such, the target audience cares primarily about the quality of the toys, looking for something that will last longer than the latest battery-powered fad - and the copy had to reflect that.

The product descriptions were initially for Amazon, so were written with Amazon's own best practices in mind. We then worked on copy for the site itself, including clarifying the Cubbie Lee Philosophy and Guarantee.

Visit the site.




Tech Mums is a scheme run by Dr Sue Black, which empowers mothers to learn about technology. Importantly, it's not just about how social media can harm children, but also about the many benefits that technology can bring to their own lives, personally, professionally, and within the wider community.

With a new website design in place, Tech Mums wanted to make sure that their copy really explained their mission and encouraged people to find out more (both mums and businesses looking to get involved).

  • All site copy
  • Designed and produced copy for two flyers

Check out Tech Mums here or view the flyer here.