Our Small Business Package

We love working with small businesses – they’re fuelled by passion and grit, but the last few years has drained that well for a lot of founders.

We want to offer something both affordable and effective, by providing our copywriting expertise for you to put in place yourself.


Here’s what our Small Business Package includes…

Website copy

We’ll take your existing website copy – and make it sing! This isn’t about creating new layouts and content, it’s about tightening up what you’ve got.

Output: A document of new copy, for a maximum of 3x webpages, that you can simply cut and paste into your existing website.


We’ll optimise the way your homepage appears on Google, so that your customers can’t help but click on your search result.

Output: A metatitle and description for your homepage, built on keywords if provided, together with tool recommendations if there is none in place.

Social media copy

A simple plan of what to post, so you’re never stuck for inspiration again.

Output: A sample schedule with three example posts, together with tool recommendations to streamline the process.



We’re keeping it transparent and predictable, because that’s what works when you’re running a business.

(With that in mind, prices below are excluding VAT. If you are not VAT registered, the total cost will be 20% more.)

Find out more

We appreciate that this is an investment for any small business, so this is just a short introduction as to what we offer. We’d love to speak to you about what you need, and we absolutely promise not to sell you anything that we don’t think is 100% worth it for your business.